[Macchiagodena, Italy 2002]
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Welcome to the website of project IBO Internationale Bouworde IT102
Macchiagodena Italy 30/06/2002 - 20/07/2002

Macchiagodena is a small village, nearby Isernia, in Molise region. In 1995, the parish priest of the village, Don Francesco Romano, has received about 10 demolished houses in donation. Don Francesco's idea is to restore them creating the centre 'Villaggio San Nicola', which will serve for the reanimation of the village as a meeting point, for catechising and offering hospitality, etc.

This realisation needs a lot of labour and started already in October 1996 with the first intervention of restoration. IBO-volunteer support is still pretty needed for two reasons:

  • To give a contribution in the arrangement of the areas covered by wild plants, removing of stones and several unskilled works

  • To favorite the meeting and the dialogue between volunteers and young dwellers of our territory in order to create a mentality of solidarity and open-minded
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